Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sweet and Scrumptious Vignettes!

My Studio Confections!
Inside these glass jars are sweet licorice hard candies and sour sweet wild cherry hard candies. I love love love cherries, cherry anything, and I love imported dark licorice, dark chocolate, coconut (anything coconut), and toffee, super faves. I usually buy my hard candies at the Cracker Barrel Store, love that place, its like walking back in time when you enter their General Store!

Here I placed my candies in jars to easily grab or for guests to devour...I love the look of a vintage Parisian Sweet/Confectionary Shoppe.

My studio is finally getting the make over again, should be mostly done by June...My personal space was lacking some magic, Although I had a theme: Fairy Apothecary, It really had to come alive and sprinkle magic every day. So I am working on the organization now, and are keeping loads of jars filled with yummy, sweet and scrumptious candies in them, for the organizing.

Magic and Joy!


Andrew Culture said...

Aur, sour cherry! *Drools*
Andrew Culture

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Elaine A said...

Lisa -
I was over at your other blog also, and everything just looks wonderful. I love the look of the jars with the candys. Don't you just love the Cracker Barrel?! Every once in a blue moon my husband will say, "Let's go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast". I never say no. I love their breakfast, when you sit down there is so much eye candy around. And when you come out to pay, I just love walking around and looking at what they have added that's new. There are always such treasures to find.

Great job with the studio by the way. I'm not even anywhere near doing a theme for my place. I'm still just trying to organize. I've collected and purchased loads of containers and things to storing and working on. My problem is each time I walk in I get overwhelmed by all the things on the floor, in the drawers, in the closets (have 2 and took off doors, put in shelves). Problem is things are just shoved all over the place haphazardly. Since I dabble in so many things, have supplies that cross media (PMC, Silver jewelry making, semi-precious stones, polymer clay, loads of stamps, collage items, paper, fibers, fabric, oil paints, watercolors, pencils) - get the picture. That is one of the reasons my girlfriend came over last weekend was to try and organize my studio. Instead we got wrapped up in the carnival soiree and did very little organizing (not that I need much to distract me). Or maybe it was the champagne - LOL!! Oh my, I've really rattled on. Have a great weekend!

Elaine Allen