Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Queen of Fairyland!

The Queen of Fairyland6
Meet Candie Meadows, The Queen of Fairyland! Here is Queen Candie, welcoming Spring and Easter in her blooming egg garden, just outside her palace in Cottonwood.
The Queen of Fairyland5
Today she will hold the annual Easter Bunny Ceremony where she bestows Mr. Bunny with extra magic, which last all season, this will enable him to surprise children everywhere (Adults too), with Easter Candies and Baskets.
The Queen of Fairyland2
The Queen of Fairyland
Plus today will mark the official day of candy making, Cottonwood Confectionaires and Percy Pookerman's Candy factories will be extra busy, making sure there is enough confections to go around.

This is a 3-D assemblage/ vignette made in a 8 inch Easter Egg with removable lid. inside you will find my handmade Papier Puppen: Queen Candie, Handmade paper clay eggs, vintage Bouillion, moss, painted vintage lettered paper, tinsel, glitters and more.

The Queen of Fairyland4


Carmi said...

I am so enjoying your blog entries! I have linked to you too so I don't miss any!

faerie enchantment said...

OOOH Thanks so much Carmi, I just love your blog, its so inspiring!
Magic and Joy!