Saturday, March 07, 2009

Le Mer-Mystique Circus!

This is a captured jar fairy I made called: Le Mer-Mystique Circus!
Le Mer-Mystique Circus!
The Story of the Le-Mer-Mystique Circus, begins along the French Riviera of France, in a tiny magical town called, Mystique, its creator Jacques Maurice, was a brilliant archaeologist, who received world that mermaid remains were found off the Almalfi Coast on a tiny little island, with underground caverns and tunnels, just recently discovered.

When Jacques heard this, he gathered his team and they sailed straight for the island which has been called: The Isle of Juliette, after the island's explorer, Juliette Laveins, who discovered the island 3 years ago and has been working there researching the mermaid myth, but with the discovery of the underwater caverns and female/fish like remains, the myth is becoming a fact.

With only 3 weeks on the Island, Jacques, was awaken by a mesmerizing sound, voices of pure enchantment, he followed the sounds to he reached the entrance of another cave. It looked un-discovered, he walked through the vine invested tunnel inside the cave and came upon the most enormous display of lights at the end of the tunnel, when he looked over the tunnels edge, he couldn't believe his eyes, there must have been over 300 mer-people in elaborate gowns, and tuxedo's, sitting down watching a spectacular performance of legendary sea sprites, mermaids and mer-animals, it was magical.

Then a dozen royal mer-gaurds spotted him and lead him to their guard center, how could he hear and see them, was their question, he didn't know? But how could he? Why did he know his way around the Island and how come he always saw a mer-woman in his dreams? What did it mean?

His questions would not be answered now. Before he was released, jacques took an oath of secrecy to the colony and was lead out of the tunnel, which again was hidden with even more layers of vines and folliage.

Then Jacques awoke back in his tent, not knowing if he dreamt last night, or if it was real. Jacques stayed on the island another week, with no other strange occurances, he lfet with his team for home, a year later The Le Mer-Mystique Circus was born, out of one man's dream, his imagination and desire to find magic and achieve artistic bliss.
Le Mer-Mystique Circus!
Le Mer-Mystique Circus! 3
This jar fairy has been embellished with a multitude of images, from my collection, all double layered onto black posterboard for durability.

I even have a swinging acrobatic celestial clown, attached inside the jar with soft silver metallis thin thread, to lid.

I then added reindeer moss, real shells from my Monhegan Island Shells collection, rustic wire, sequims, glitters, etc.

The background image has been layered with another image, so the back of the jar, has a scene as well.


Ironically this jar fairy was SOLD over a year ago to a wonderful customer in France!

Pixie's Apothecary! 3

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