Friday, November 28, 2008

Kewpie in Jar Fairyland!

Hello All,
Meet Kewpie of Jar Fairyland! I have been going above and beyond the jar fairy world, creating fairy and doll vignettes in any glass piece I can find, even in lanterns, candy containers, shadow boxes, vases, bulbs, bulb carriages, tea cups, canning jars, and more!
Doll House Mania Jar
Doll House Mania Jar 2
Doll House Mania Jar 3
Here is an upclose picture of my latest jar fairy called: "Doll House Mania" inspired by Kewpie Dolls, Dolly Dingle and Vintage Fairytales.

I made this piece from an old jar, with smooth glass for bettering viewing of inside scene.
I hand sculpted the kewpie doll head, then handpainted it.

I used a variety of hand glittered stars, turned into flowers, crepe paper, vintage millinery/wire flower garland.

For the inside dolls hat/crown, I used several tiny vintage pearl bead floral strands, from Tinsel Trading.

Vintage images of Dolly Dingle and Brownies-Palmer Cox-Film background and more vintage items and art techniques.


chinamommy said...

i made some of these a year ago & thought i made them up! haha, didn't know others were making them too! yours are beautiful! HOW in the WORLD do you ship these without the "stuff" shaking all over in their jars???

faerie enchantment said...

I've been making these captured creatures for many years, many in small table top conservatories, wine glasses and bulbs, Then later on I started making them in jars. They just bring magic to a room.

When gluing items inside the jar, I use Heavy Tacky Glue and Hot Glue.

Moss, needs to be glued together before gluing again to the bottom of the jar, the same with cotton, excelsior or paper shreds,then keep gluing everything inside until it's secured, to prevent the stuff from shaking all over.

When using removable lids, place a lite piece of white tissue paper inside for extra safe packaging! Hope that helps!

Magic and Much Joy!