Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Captured Pixie Orbs!

Hello All,
I've been so busy blogging away on my Faerie Enchantment Blog, Flickr and Updating my Website, that I have neglected My other blogs: this one, Spellbinders, Moonfaires World and The Faerie Zine. Through the next few months I will be tying all these blogs together for easy viewing and clicking!

I've been making loads of glass vignettes filled with all types of enchanting specimens, in my new book: Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, Feb.2009, I have a few glass vignette projects for readers to get inspired by, learn and create. SHHHH keeping the project name a secret until Feb.1, 2009...Then I will blog all about it!

Here are some Captured Pixie Orbs and A Captured Pixie Orb Carriage!
Captured Pixie Orbs!2
Captured Pixie Orbs!The Doll Soiree Carriage!The Doll Soiree Carriage! 2

For more Pixie Orb and Jar Fairies, Jar Dollies and Gladd Vignettes, go and visit my flickr photo page and click on the Jar Fairy album, or click this link below to go straight to that gallery album:

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