Saturday, August 29, 2009

Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!

Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!7"Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice" translate from French to English: "Alice's Circus Conservatory" This is a new piece I created which is part of the Storybook Friends Collection and is inspired by vintage storybooks, their whimsical and enchanting characters. For this piece I choose to work with my favorite storybook: Alice in Wonderland and my signature Carnival/Circus theme. The main character of this storybook piece is a yellow chix named Alice, who comes back to Wonderland to visit the Circus, and gets transformed into costume as a chix for the day, while enjoying the many treats that this circus has to offer.Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!11
Alice is scene here through the looking glass entering Berrie Diddle Dee's Fun House of Sugary Sweets, notice the edible sugar bulbs hanging over head and the lollipop columns and gumball lanterns surrounding her. Everything about Berrie Diddle Dee's Fun House is sugary sweet, a candyland utopia filled with everything edible, there is even a gondola boat made from hardened marzipan which floats you out of the fun house on the cherry cocktail water stream, all who leave the fun house receive a sour cherry heart candy wand, curteousy of The Queen of Hearts Confectionaires.
Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!9Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!3
Stay tuned for Alice's adventure at the Circus! For Project directions on how to make your own glass jar vignettes/glass assemblages/glass jar fairies/jar cozies visit or pick up a copy of my book: "Altered Art Circus", Quarry Books!
Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!2
This piece of Storybook Magic was created from a canning jar (ACMoore), Acrylic paints (Ranger, Ink) and Pink Paint (Plaid), Glitter (Art Institute of Glitter), Clay (Model Magic), Scrapbook Paper (Prima), Crepe Paper (Blumchen),Forget Me Knots Paper Flowers (Paper Source), Tinsel Sheets (Candyland Crafts) and other fab supplies.
Conservatoire Du Cirque d'Alice!12

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