Monday, February 23, 2009

Custom Jar Fairy! Flowers

Here is a custom jar fairy!

Made from a variety of materials, which I got carried away with making from hand painted excelsior moss, digitally created images, crepe paper, tinsel, millinery flowers, pearls, tulle, vintage storybook and Galerie Des Modes Images, designer papers, Crown, glitters, ribbons, velvet, painted sequins and many more vintage and vintage style pieces, complete with glittered tag made with antique silver glitter color.

I love glass vignettes, they transport you into another world, a secret place where magic is present all around you!

Captured Jar Fairies/Vignettes can be made from a variety of images and materials, make them into birdcages, indoor plant conservatories, bulbs, shadow boxes, boxes, old clocks, gumball and candy machines, bird houses, doll house frames, canisters, tins and more.


RedPanties said...

I love the jar fairies; how beautiful and magical! I must away to capture my own!

faerie enchantment said...

So glad, I hope you make a magical one!
Magic and Joy!