Friday, June 26, 2009

Polly The Pixie Wizard, Wine Glass Doll and Vignette

Polly The Pixie Wizard, Wine Glass Doll and Vignette!
I love glass, its just so magical when either left alone, colored or decorated, vignettes really can bring a fantasy world to life to enjoy anywhere, anytime. Glass jars, vases and cake sets can store memories from a trip such as an adventure at the beach complete with sand, shells, and sea glass, then add a tag describing the adventure.

Everything you have in the house can be transformed into a piece of art from A1 Steak Sauce, Heinz 57, Tomato Sauce, Pickle and Olive Jars, Yankee Candle Jars (de-wax the left over wax inside), Canning Jars, Jelly and Jam Jars, Baby Food Jars, Lanterns, Gumball Machines, Clocks, Pocket Watches, Clear Top Plastic Easter Egg Containers, Glass Bulbs, Candy Jars, Wine Glasses, Apothecary Bottles, Glass Soda Bottles, Champaigne and Wine Bottles, Liquor Bottles, Mayonaise Jars, Fish Tank, Glass Animal Displays or Small Green House Displays, Glass Beekers and Science Jars, I could keep going, so many of these items can be given a new life.Tiara Chronicles June Art Day! 11For this project I used a broken wine glass, which Linda broke during her demonstration Saturday on how to break a wine glass and turn into a captured jar fairy or display. I was so taken by it that I decided to make a doll and vignette out of it, even buying a bunch more wine glasses this week! I call this piece: Polly The Pixie Wizard, Doll and Vignette. The picture above is Polly in her beginning stages, with her freshly molded and paint head on the wine glass.Polly The Pixie Wizard! 6Here is Polly with her finished head assemble with vintage piano paper hat, velvet flowers, trims, charms and pearls.Polly The Pixie Wizard! 3Here is a photo of her body base with the enchanted vignette, a cotton candy carnival queen, created with vintage doll image, lettering, crepe paper, trims, handmade wand, crown, rhinestones, glitters and more.
Polly The Pixie Wizard! 2Polly The Pixie Wizard! 4These two pictures show more of Polly's details and magic.Polly The Pixie Wizard!Here is a full view of Polly completely finished!Polly The Pixie Wizard and Chairs! 4Here is Polly surrounded by her magical carnival chairs, ready for her pixie cabinet.Pixie Wizard Poker Chip Chairs! Swap!The chairs pictured with Polly are the pieces for the poker chip swap on the faerie zine, My mom and I made the poker chip chairs together using poker chips, my clay parts, pearls, velvet trim, paper wire and more!

Project in brief:
1.The wine glass doll and vignette was made using a wine glass with stem broken off.
2.The wine glass Base is used to build the vignette on, gluing the image to the broken stem and coating with glitters. I recommend using glossy accents by Ranger (Linda's idea), or I love clear caulk or liquid nails to glue items to glass.
3.When satisfied with your glass vignette, glue the base rim to the wine glass rim using one of the glue's I mentioned above, let dry over night, decorate with rhinestone trims, and more.

Polly was also decaupaged w/vintage piano paper, a sepia decaupage medium, painted w/Claudine Hellmuth paints and lots of trims.

For similar glass projects, poker chip projects and images, read my book:
Altered Art Circus!

Have a magical day or how my friend Marlene says it: "Have a honey of a day!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Opera Glass Vignettes!

Wedding and Party Glass Vignettes!After my book signing and project demonstration at ACMoore in Allentown, PA, I started making more and more jar fairies, finally completing a custom bridal shower order for a customer in Massachusettes, who ordered 22 medium sized jars.Garden Wedding Glass Vignette! 4She had wanted vintage wedding shower/garden tea lady style images, with a bit of sweetness, vintage and German Glitter. After my signing I came home and was re-energized, since I did a load of jar fairy demo's. The more you do of something, the more the ideas start to swirl around in your head, always flickering back and forth. As I looked at the jars during the demo, I said their lids need a little dazzle and height, that's when I decided to go with an opera theme, using chipboard pre-cut signs as that added height, layered each one w/designer paper, their first name initial and glitter.Garden Wedding Glass Vignette! 2Garden Wedding Glass Vignette!When I came home I looked at the half done jars and said they need some height, when you get married, a Bride's head has lots of height, from a tiara and veil. So I decided to do the opera sign on each jar, using the chipboard base, chipboard letter: W (her name is Wendy, and its for her Wedding, so the letter "W" worked perfectly. I layered each jar w/creamy shredded paper, a sheet from a vintage wedding book (1920's), a vintage wedding doll image, vintage reproduction millinery forget me not flowers, German Glass Glitter in Silver and in Gold, with a mini beige tulle veil on the doll. Finally I covered the lid's center w/more glitter. These main photos are the example I made for myself and to show variation on the wedding and fairy glass vignettes!Garden Wedding Glass Vignette! 3Now I have an order of 12 princess glass jar vignettes for a party in California. The customer has requested they be prodominately pink, creamy, beige, lemonade yellow and silver/gold glitter, lots of sparkle and bling w/ a princess theme.

These jars will have the creamy beige paper base, vintage princess story book pages, a vintage princess doll image, extra pink tulle, and the jar tops will have a handmade rhinestone/pearl and mercury silver seed bead crown/tiara, glitter and sign. These pictures will be up when I'm done in about 3 weeks.

When starting your own glass vignettes aka captured jar fairies, remember the possibilities are endless.
Sara and Robin's Jars!Here is a photo of the jars I did at my book signing and demonstration, these are what sparked my newest jars!Wedding Jar Fairies!These are the original wedding/bridal party jar vignettes I made several yeasr back for the members of the bridal party that I was in. These are the ones that have spun off my jar custom orders. Each one of these was made w/excelsior, vintage images, digital painted opera cover from my image collection, vintage wire, simple embellishments and vintage silk flowers.Wedding Jar Fairies!

-Try shredding vintage book pages and use that as the base, what about natural raffia or excelsior for the base, model magic, craft batting, moss, reindeer moss, shells, sand, paper mache, floral foam modeling material (comes in pink color in a bag, when mixed water it hardens to a floral foam texture, but it can also look like cotton candy) the choice is yours.
-try coating a vintage image layered on cardstock with gel medium, let dry. Then glue to inside of glass jar, fill jar with resin for a cool paperweight.
-Use a glass jar as the body of an art doll, build a scene inside the jar and on top of the jar's lid.Rose's Jar FairyHere is a smaller jar vignette I made for a dear friend Rose, made from an old jelly jar, excelsior, vintage image (this image is from a larger vintage image that I digitally colored in, tghe full image is available in my book altered art circus and is the image I used for the Pageant Crown in the book).

I also used dried flowers, and a huge wire ribbon that I tied into a bow shape. The chandelier piece is handmade by me, using a mold I made and resin, and a few simple techniques.

I could go on for days, if you want to learn more jar fairy/illustrated jars, glass vignettes, jar fairy cozies (like tea cozies), captured fairy wands and more visit these projects in my book:
Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books!

Have a magic filled weekend!