Friday, December 05, 2008

The Sweet Kewpie Pixie! Captured Pixie!

The Sweet Kewpie Pixie!
Meet Sugar the Sweet Kewpie Pixie, who loves candy, sweets, and sugar pink, not to mention diamonds are her best friend.
The Sweet Kewpie Pixie! 2
Sugar is now available, ready to sprinkle some sweet magic.

Made from a Coffee Candy Jar with Metal tag still on the jar, vintage kewpie image, crepe paper, mica, antique silver german fine glitter, tinsel, velvet, and other sweet embellishments!

The Sweet Kewpie Pixie! 3
The Sweet Kewpie Pixie! 4! Lid

For purchase info, visit my Etsy Store, to buy Miss Sugar!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Meet Tabitha Meadows!

Tabitha Meadows! A Captured Jar Fairy!
Tabitha Meadows is a young pixie whose hasn't earned her teenage wings yet. In order to do so, every young pixie must join the pixie scouts, like the girl scouts, these pixie pioneers must earn badges based on a variety of skills from herbology and apothecary to alchemy and baking! They are sent on group assignments from helping Scholary Trolls and Pixie Wizards to Candy Aids at Confectionaire shoppes and Nursing sick birds and bugs at Cornwell Nature Hospital! Once these young scouts accumulate enough badges, they can earn their new pixie wings, which are actually smaller in size. Young Pixies have large wings called training wings. During this time of challenge, all pixies perform these duties without wings or magic.

After age 12, Pixies are given the choice, wings today or wingless today, invisible or radiant! Then comes the wings piercing and accessories!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Special Moment Jar Fairies!

Fairyland Presents: Mom's Bday4!

Sometimes you are looking for that one last gift that really is special, when you can't find it, why not make it, create a special gift with a theme. The above Jar Fairy was made into a little vignette for my Mom's birthday a few years agot.

The inside base of the jar was filled with a mix of light green reindeer moss, and light green excelsior, then I used a real egg which was drained, cut in half, bleached and painted with acrylics, glued ontop of the moss.

Fairyland Presents: Mom's Bday2!

Next I created a 3-D fairy/pixie complete with rounded pixie hat, wings and wand, glued to the inside of the egg, followed with a sprinkle of glitter, followed by more embellishments on the outside of the jar with rub ons, glitter, lettering, ribbons and an altered art tag made from paint chip sample.

Finally cover the metal lid with wood glue, let dry, paint with acrylic paint,, let dry, coat with glue and glitter, let dry!

Fairyland Presents: Mom's Bday!

This jar has been a hit with customers, I've made several others similar to this, such as this jar fairy below for Rosanna:
Rosanna's Commission: Lullaby Jar!Rosanna's Commission: Lullaby Jar!2

Also try altering the lids of your jars with images and papers!